Thursday, February 19, 2009

Should Rev. Jones Have Acknowledged His Partner?

Washington Post - Editorial on the Rev. Scott Jones Prayer


  1. Absolutely! Why the hell not?
    I don't listen to too many prayers, but I suspect other preachers have acknowledged their loved ones in similar fashion. Was there "outrage" when that happened? I don't think so.
    These people are just narrow minded bigots.

    Looking at the bigger picture, however, if they would refrain from preaching in our secular government chambers, like they should, this sort of ignorant and hurtful thing wouldn't have happened.

  2. Use this link---

    Use this link and select Wednesday, February 11, then select tracks 1002 and 1018

    February 11 OKLA Legislature audio archive for Rev. Jones remarks and prayer as well as Rep. McAffrey's motion can be heard at this link--

    Unless the recording has been edited, Rev. Jones does not say "fiance".

    Also, the hubub on the floor in response to Rep. McAffrey's motion is not recorded.The written news reports claim there was back and forth between the representatives as to the need for the floor vote. You will remember this caused quite a dust-up and is continuing to rattle around on the blogs.

    Select track #'s 1002 and 1018

  3. Reverend Jones is a citizen of Oklahoma. He was invited to be "Chaplain for the Day" of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

    One of his procedural duties was to offer an invocation prayer at the start of the legislative day. He simply acknowledged those in the gallery who came to give him support. Ain't nothing wrong with that...

    The "no vote" was the improper and discourteous behavior on the part of 20 members of the House. Their behavior was and still is an embarrassment to Oklahoma.

    The 64 members of the House who "voted yes" on the House Journal motion are to be commended for their civic conscience.

    Jim H.


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