Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stand Up for Justice

In Kentucky there lives a very brave woman named Alicia Pedreira. Alicia reminds us here at Americans United that our fears about the "faith-based" intiative are not abstract or based on paranoia. They are very real.

In 1998, Alicia was hired by the Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children as a youth counselor, a job that she trained for and dreamed of for years. During her job interview, she informed KBHC - an organization that receives public funding for its work with troubled children - that she is a lesbian, but was told that it wasn't an issue.

Six months later, KBHC officials saw a picture of Alicia and her partner taken at an AIDS charity walk. And despite the excellent performance reviews she had received for her work, the institution did an about-face. It fired her, claiming that her "admitted homosexual lifestyle is contrary to Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children core values."

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