Monday, August 10, 2009

Exposed: ‘C Street’ and The Military

Exposed: ‘C Street’ and The Military
By Chris Rodda
The Public Record
Aug 10th, 2009


Making the connections between the Family and the military is “a new front” — a front that is leading to new revelations about some old discoveries. For example, the participants in the Campus Crusade for Christ Christian Embassy Video — a video that led the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to demand an investigation by the Department of Defense Inspector General in which seven officers were found guilty of ethics violations — also included, in addition to the military officers, many other government officials and politicians.

One of the regular features in the monthly newsletter of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is a section containing a “Violation on Video,” in which we show a video clip of a military regulation being violated by a service member or at a military event, and “Captured on Camera,” a photo of a violation being committed. The video and photo that we planned to feature in our August newsletter are typical — a video of a Marine officer appearing on a Christian television show in uniform, and a photo of an Army officer giving a briefing while standing in front of a Christian flag. What’s not typical about this month’s video and photo is how I happened to come across them. So, rather than just presenting this video and photo in our newsletter in the usual format, I decided to write about the bigger story that led me to find them.

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