Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tulsa Muslims send their heartfelt sympathy concerning Ft. Hood shooting

For Immediate Release


RE: Fort Hood Shootings

Tulsa Muslims send their heartfelt sympathy to the soldiers and their families who were victims of today’s tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. As Americans and as Muslims, we categorically condemn the shooting of the soldiers. We value the voluntary service of all who serve in the military and the sacrifices they make in defense of our country. No words can express the sadness we feel that Fort Hood’s moment of celebration and graduation was destroyed in such a horrific way. We trust that a thorough and fair investigation will be pursued and that the responsible parties will be held accountable.

Contact: Sheryl Siddiqui, Director
Community Relations and Outreach
Islamic Society of Tulsa

Oklahoma Muslims feel the loss of the murdered soldiers deeply and strongly condemn this despicable act. Thousands and thousands of Muslims have honorably served in the American military since the founding of this nation. The victims of this Fort hood shooter are our compatriots, brothers and sisters in arms protecting this country. We can only imagine that this was an act of illness because no cause, religious or political, is served by such a horrific act.

Jihad is the struggle to do good in this world seeking God’s Pleasure. When it comes to killing, Jihad is a call to war that only a legitimate head of state can make. Individuals and groups cannot unilaterally take this action. This is called murder.

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