Friday, February 24, 2012

OK GAZETTE: Evolving debate

Our OKC chapter of Americans United is following this bill because it introduces the Trojan horse of intelligent design/creationism into public school science classrooms.

Our chapter president, John Loghry is quoted in the story.

"Seems like it comes up a little watered-down this time,” Loghry said. “They seem to be learning from mistakes. They said it’s not about intelligent design, but it is. Introducing this really puts us on a slippery slope."
Loghry said measures such as SB 1742 are not new, nor is their opposition.
Genesis is not science and does not need to be history,” he said. “A great amount of people know the Genesis story. They also know it’s not historically correct. And there are other creation myths that are outside of intelligent design. School should be securely sacred from religion.”
You can read the complete story here:

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