Thursday, May 24, 2012

Constitutional Separation of Religion and Tax Money Maintained...

...on paper, anyway.

HJR 1081 is dormant for this session

This resolution, with the sole sponsorship of GOP Rep. Jason Nelson, OKC, had it passed the Oklahoma Legislature, would have put on the November ballot a state question that would have revoked the separation of tax money from religious use of any kind (Article 2, sec 5 of the state Constitution,,_Oklahoma_Constitution).  It undoubtedly would have passed with a healthy majority, allowing tax money to be used for the exercise of religion, mainly christian.

Supporting Documents:
Bill Summary: HJR1081 INT BILLSUM.doc

Short Title:
Oklahoma Constitution; public money; sectarian purposes; ballot title; filing.

Primary Authors:


Constitutional Amendment, Public Finance, Vote of the People

Citation Type Comment Eff. Date
ART 2-5 REP          

Bill History:
Date Flags Chamber H Page S Page Text
2/6/2012 da H 146      First Reading
2/6/2012 da H 146      Authored by Representative Nelson
2/7/2012 da H 185      Second Reading referred to Rules
2/22/2012 da H 264      CR; Do Pass Rules Committee
2/22/2012 da H           Coauthored by Representative(s) Reynolds

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