Thursday, June 28, 2012

8 Reasons Religion Will Help Define The Path To The White House
As sophisticated and postmodern as Americans believe themselves to be, a Gallop poll in 2011 revealed that 20 percent of Republicans and 27 per

Poster's note:  I'd say the USA is already a theocracy.


Finally, while the central issue in this election season is, in James Carville's immortal phrase, "the economy, stupid," some of the attending issues are faith-based in the eyes of many Americans. The obligations of the rich, society's responsibility to the poor, gay rights, health care, immigration, and, of course, the relationship between church and state -- all are religiously-charged for millions of voters. Mr. Obama has long framed these issues in terms of his faith-based social vision. Mr. Romney has not, but he and his advisors will realize that they cannot yield the religious high ground on these issues. This, too, will force religion onto center stage.

There are other matters that may drive religion to the forefront of the 2012 presidential election. We cannot be certain of all of them now. What Americans ought to know by this time in their history, though, is that religion is seldom far from their politics, seldom much removed from American culture as a whole. The 2012 campaign is likely to illustrate this as much as any presidential election in the nation's history.

It all may make the remaining months of summer, even with the heat, a welcome haven from the looming crusades.

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