Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Program for Legislative Preview

You can view the text of these and any other bills you'd be interested in by going to and just type in the bill number, i.e. HB nnnn or SB nnnn.

You can locate any bill introduced for this year's session by clicking on the Legislation tab at the top of the website at  then making the appropriate selection.

The other tabs give you information about many of the functions and public access to important committee membership roles, committee meetings, and contact information about all the legislators.

We will have a limited supply of paper copies of the small sampling of introduced bills we've selected for this year's Preview.  Over 1,100 were introduced in the Senate and over 1,300 in the House.  Live video is available when the Senate and House are in session as well as some committee meetings.  Review the  website for details.

The Belle Isle Library is wi-fi ready so feel free to bring your online devices.  No library card is needed.

The sponsoring legislator's name below is hot-linked so you can see more information about him or her.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Oklahoma City Chapter,
Fourth Annual Legislative Preview
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Belle Isle Public Library, 5501 N. Villa
Oklahoma City, OK
10:00am to 12:00pm
---Separating Fact from Emotion---
James Nimmo, communications chair
How a Bill Becomes a Law—or Not
John Loghry, chapter president
State of the State


SJR 31 – A Joint refer to the people...a proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution, prohibiting discrimination or penalization for refusing to provide certain health insurance coverage if it is contrary to religious or moral beliefs;
Sen. Bill Brown, District 36
Aimee Breeze, chapter vice-president

HB 1456 – Religious viewpoint anti-discrimination act An Act relating to schools; creating the Religious Viewpoints Anti-discrimination Act; requiring school districts to treat student expression in certain manner; Rep. Mike Reynolds, District 91

SB 175--An Act relating to rape ...which relates to the definition of rape; modifying definition; Sen. (Mrs.) A J Griffin, District 20
Damion Reinhardt, chapter treasurer

HB 1025 --An Act ...creating the Protection of Human Life Rep. Mike Reynolds, District 91
HB 1029-- An Act...creating the Personhood Act of 2013 Rep. Mike Reynolds, District 91
Mike Fuller, immediate past president

SB 758--An Act relating to school curriculum; creating the Oklahoma Science Education Act;...providing for the creation of a school environment that encourages the exploration of scientific theories; allowing teachers to help students analyze certain scientific strengths and weaknesses; Sen. Josh Brecheen, District 6

HB 1674 --An Act relating to schools; creating the Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act;...directing State Board of create certain environment within schools; permitting teachers to help students understand certain information about scientific theories; disallowing State Board of Education...from prohibiting teachers from helping students understand certain information about scientific theories; providing for evaluation of students based on understanding of course materials; prohibiting penalizing of students for holding certain position on scientific theories; prohibiting certain construction; stating intent; directing State Department of Education to provide certain notification; directing superintendents to disseminate certain information; Rep. Gus Blackwell, District 61
Chas Stewart, chapter secretary

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