Monday, February 4, 2013

Oklahoman story about the 2013 Legislative Preview

Group says bills chip away at rights

Some of the measures include legislation that was introduced last year, but stalled during the legislative process, such as a bill that would grant “personhood” status to a human embryo and another that opponents say could allow religion in public schools.

The conservative-leaning measures, if approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature and signed into law by a GOP governor, could interfere with a woman’s choice to have an abortion and allow certain religious views to creep into public school classrooms, said members of the Oklahoma City chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. About 45 attended Saturday’s meeting at the Belle Isle Public Library, 5501 N Villa Ave.

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  1. Due to space limits SJR 31 was not covered in the Oklahoman story so here's my opinion:

    SJR 31 (Senate Joint Resolution) A Joint Resolution to refer to the people a proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution, prohibiting discrimination or penalization for refusing to provide certain health insurance coverage if it is contrary to religious or moral beliefs.

    In plain Oklahoma English, SJR31 is about Hobby Lobby and other companies trying to claim religious status for themselves in order to evade healthcare mandates even though these companies are profit-driven commercial enterprises and not in any way religious. Talk about wanting one's cake and eat it, too.

    The resolution was admirably presented by our chapter vice-president, Aimee Breeze.


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