Friday, June 21, 2013

Oklahoma License Plates Become Targets of Lawsuit

Supporters of religious separation--

A lawsuit has recently been re-instated allowing a Methodist minister to sue Oklahoma to remove the Rain Arrow Warrior representation from the state's license plates.

At first glance we thought the Rain Arrow Warrior lawsuit was a satirical look at religious belief. However, the objection raised by Mr. Keith Cressman is still highly ironic and a prime example of hypocritical, clouded thinking. If Mr. Cressman were truly concerned with the depiction of religious symbols in government functions and tax-paid services he would expand his lawsuit and be objecting to the use of "In God We Trust" on currency, coins, postage stamps and public buildings, including the Oklahoma Capitol north lawn with its recently added Ten Commandments monument privately funded by the family of Rep. Mike Ritze.   Prayer is frequently used to begin many public meetings, inevitably a prayer to a Christian deity.

Mr. Cressman can not honestly pick and choose which religion can be favored.   His Christian bible commands him to pray in private according to Matthew, chapter 6.

Mr. Cressman refers to the statue depicted on Oklahoma licence plates as pagan. How little he knows of history. Every cycle of civilization finds that the preceding society's religious beliefs to be quaint, irrelevant, and pagan.

People who hold truly sincere religious beliefs would not want government to interfere in their devotions.  Nor would they want to impinge on the beliefs of others who hold differing points of view. This strategy is the basis of the First Amendment of the Constitution--it is not the job of government to give its stamp of approval to any religious worship.

Mr Cressman is headed in the right direction, he just hasn't gone far enough, yet.

Here is a link to an earlier story by Gregg Horton that appeared on Huffington Post.

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