Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Religious Right wants to redefine what “religious freedom” means in this country.

The Religious Right wants to redefine what “religious freedom” means in this country.

These powerful factions are working around the clock because they want to run your life according to their rules. They claim that “religious freedom” means they have the right to ignore all sorts of laws they don’t like, no matter the consequences, and to force you to live by their religion's rules!

That’s something I just won’t stand for. I value true religious freedom, which means the right to believe and worship — or not — as I see fit. It doesn't include using the law to promote a religious viewpoint or position.  I hope you feel the same way.

 If you agree with me about what religious freedom really means, please make a donation to Americans United today.

We can’t stop these powerful sectarian groups without your sustained financial support, and they aren’t going down without a fight.
  • Sectarian interests want to regulate your access to health care.  Under the Affordable Care Act, most employers are expected to offer healthcare policies that allow employees to access no-cost birth control.  Right now, dozens of cases brought by the Catholic and evangelical owners of secular, for-profit corporations are before federal appeals courts. These organizations have no religious purpose whatsoever, but they think they have the right to deny their employees access to birth control options.  Today, the US Supreme Court announced that it will hear two of these cases next Spring!  Americans United has filed thirteen amicus briefs against this Religious Right ploy to control people's lives - and we must now step up our efforts to defend true religious freedom!
  • Radical religious groups are strategizing how to take away your rights.  Last month, several major Religious Right groups gathered in Washington for an annual meeting, the so-called “Values Voter Summit.”  It’s sponsored by the Family Research Council, which has a budget of around $17 millon; the American Family Association, which raised over $18 million in a recent year; and Liberty Counsel, which is part of the $628-million Jerry Falwell, Jr. empire.  With all of that money and power backing the event, it’s anything but some insignificant meeting of fringe extremists.  Instead, it’s an opportunity for about 3,000 Religious Right supporters from around the country to come together so they can figure out how to spread their radical agenda.
With your help, Americans United will resist all of the threats to religious liberty from the Religious Right and Catholic hierarchy — whether in the courts, in legislatures, at the local level or in the public arena — and push back when they go too far.

We can’t fight alone against those who yearn to use government power to impose their narrow theology onto you.  Please donate to Americans United today!

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