Sunday, January 19, 2014

Debate Between a Bible Thumper and a Model Citizen

Debate Between a Bible Thumper and a Model Citizen

Here's the streaming video link to the Flashpoint debate between Scott Hamilton of Cimarron Alliance, and Sally Kern, leader of the homo-hater brigade. Watching the video is really better because then you can back it up to listen yet again to Kern make the most unbelievable calumnies against our gay-lesbian citizenship---you won't believe your ears the first time.

I congratulate Scott for his use of the facts to prove Kern is using her religious prejudice to frame the civil laws of Oklahoma against us.  I think dueling bible verses is not the proper defense against the Kern Kult.  The issue is not whether any religion endorses marriage equality--each Christian denomination has differing dogma even about its founder.  The main point should always be made that anyone's exercise of the civil right of marriage--founded in the First Amendment's right of association--is NOT based on a religious ceremony.

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